Senior structural and mechanical designers


Job description

Wind Spider shall expand their organization to be able to further develop the offshore and inshore Wind Spider systems to be used for both assembly of complete wind turbines and replacement of main wind turbine components.

We shall further develop our organization with highly qualified and experienced personnel and we are now looking for several staff permanent positions as we are receiving great interest for our product and the future market for offshore wind turbines are growing rapidly.

We are looking for the following positions:

All future employees will get the opportunity to work in a dynamic international company within the exciting and fast-growing offshore wind market.

Senior structural and mechanical designers:

The candidates should have competence and experience from structural and mechanical engineering using programs such as SOLID WORKS, Inventor or Tekla Structures. Candidates with more than 10 years of experience will be evaluated as the technical Lead Designer. Candidates with less experience will also be evaluated as we are looking for several positions.

We can offer:

  • Attractive compensation package
  • Excellent office building with canteen and training facilities
  • Very interesting job within the future fast growing offshore wind market
  • Great working environment in a dynamic and international company

WindSpider is a technology company that develops a new modular self-erecting crane system for wind turbines. The WindSpider solution include the tower of the wind turbine as part of the crane and as such enables mobilization at a lower height using standard vessels offshore or cranes onshore.

The WindSpider crane is designed for installation and maintenance for both bottom-fixed and floating substructures. WindSpider provides a +50% cost reduction for installation and maintenance of next generation of bottom-fixed and floating WTGs. The cost reduction is achieved by using vessels and cranes with substantially lower day rates and availability compared to new wind turbine installation vessels and ring cranes. The solution does also allow for game changing offshore maintenance of floating WTGs instead of tow-in to shore. As such, WindSpider will contribute to reduced LCOE, which is welcomed by the developers in the fast-growing offshore wind industry. With an effective lifting capacity of +1 200 metric ton and by eliminating relative motion between crane and tower, WindSpider solves issues with today’s solutions and is prepared for next generations of 15 – 20 MW wind turbines at a substantially lower cost.

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Hvem er WindSpider?

At WindSpider we are passionate about lifting high & heavy and to be a contributor to the energy transition. We are setting a new standard for lifting operations related to installing and maintaining offshore wind turbines.

The management team and the board of directors of WindSpider have extensive managerial and technical experience from industrial development, and a proven track record from entrepreneurial business and finance. The company has a lean organization with highly skilled, experienced and positive people.