Senior Engineer, Energy & Process

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Rising prices for fuel and emissions are driving energy-intensive industries such as metal and chemical towards higher energy efficiency, making waste heat recovery (WHR) more and more attractive. WHR combined with TES opens for a multitude of value streams, be it reduction of fuel use, generation of process steam, electricity or provision of district heat on-demand. Designing the best possible solution for the customer requires multi-disciplinary knowledge of technical- as well as economic and environmental aspects. EnergyNest is seeking to strengthen the knowledge base within energy- and process engineering and is seeking a new team member with the right qualifications to take a leading role towards future commercial projects.

EnergyNest is a creative and dynamic, young company with a very inspiring work environment. The work place is in the main office at Billingstad outside Oslo. The company has additional offices in Seville and Shanghai, and the job will include travelling related to projects, worldwide.

Job responsibilities:

  • Determine overall system design
  • Energy analyses
  • Technical- and economic optimization
  • Project planning

Desired competences:

  • High analytical skills
  • Able to work independently, focused, ability to solve complex problems
  • Innovative mindset
  • Very good communication- and presentation skills
  • Fluency in English and Scandinavian language is a must, written and orally

Desired experience and qualifications:

  • M.Sc. or higher in energy- and process engineering or related fields of engineering
  • Experience in design and/or working principles of heat exchangers, thermodynamic cycles and turbomachinery, including industry standard software
  • Minimum 5 years of relevant industrial work experience
  • General office software

Location: EnergyNest AS, Olav Brunborgsvei 6, N-1396 Billingstad, Norway

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Susanne Tangen

Hvem er EnergyNest?

EnergyNest AS is a young technology company with a new and innovative high-temperature thermal energy storage (TES) technology. The company is based in Norway, but operates globally. EnergyNest conducts groundbreaking research & development, and its new technology addresses the key challenge for future energy systems; how to transition from fossil- to renewable energy. Applicable markets span the entire energy sector, with key segments in Europe, USA and China, focusing on energy-intensive industries, solar thermal energy, and conventional thermal power plants. Visit the company website for further information: