Senior Digital Verification Engineer

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How Silicon Labs Norway Works

We are an elite team of IC Design, IC Validation, Software and HW/Tools engineers focused on developing and validating key components of the Silicon Labs IoT product portfolio. Our team has a deep understanding of all aspects of our MCU and Wireless products, from design to delivering a complete customer friendly system. Silicon Labs EFR32 and EFM32 MCU and Wireless product portfolios both originate from the Norway team. We take great pride in the technology that we deliver. We have a passion for what we do and always seek out better ways to serve our customers.



How the Oslo Digital Design Team works

The EFR32 and EFM32 MCU and Wireless products combine an energy-friendly MCU with a highly integrated radio transceiver.  These devices are well suited for a variety of applications across a wide range of RF protocols, digital protocols, and power levels.

The Oslo digital design team is, in collaboration with sites in Austin and Singapore, responsible for development of these products. We deliver a low power, simplicity focused platform, which is the base for all Silicon Labs MCUs and Wireless MCUs. In addition to contributing to this platform, the Oslo Digital Design Team drives full projects from specification to validation.

We leverage our history of low power, simplicity focused designs to make the best products for the future of the Silicon Labs IoT story.


Why this position matters

The Internet of Things is a fast growing, innovative market.  Silicon Labs has invested in a number of exciting and market-leading highly integrated mixed signal SoCs aimed at IoT. The low power Gecko MCUs and Wireless MCUs that we develop will be deployed in literally millions of products worldwide. The IoT is the future of Silicon Labs and the Oslo Digital Design team is at the forefront of that initiative. As a Senior Digital Verification Engineer you will work with our other digital and analog teams as well as with software teams to write and execute the detailed verification plan aimed at guaranteeing the quality of key features within the low power Gecko MCU and Wireless MCU platform.


Is this a great match for you?

It is if you are a highly motivated, self-driven, talented Senior Digital Verification Engineer with demonstrated knowledge of the typical IC design flow, all the way from initial idea to implementation, with a focus on state-of-the-art verification techniques. Engineers inquiring about this position should be familiar with microcontrollers, SoC design, low power design, C, scripting languages and advanced verifications skills. Successful candidates will have excellent written and oral communication skills in English and will be comfortable explaining technical concepts to a wide range of audiences, including senior engineering leaders.



Essential Functions


  • Provide functional verification of complex digital blocks, mixed-signal blocks, and SoC systems
  • Develop digital mixed signal models using real number modelling (RNM)
  • Create UVM testbenches
  • Write detailed verification plans
  • Develop both directed tests and constrained random test using Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) for block and top level environment
  • Run test coverage analysis and improve coverage with further test development
  • Develop System Verilog assertions for use in both dynamic simulations and formal verification
  • Run formal verification on block level

SoC Integration

  • Integration of digital blocks / IP into the SoC infrastructure
  • Verification of mixed-signal IP integration, including mixed-signal modeling and cosimulation
  • Run formal checks for proper connection and integration
  • Develop system tests using C-code to be executed in SoC processor
  • Debug low power system simulations using universal power format (UPF) language
  • Run and debug regressions
  • Run gate simulations


Flows and Methodology

  • Improve flows and methodologies to streamline development and integration of IPs.
  • Develop scripts to aid in automation, reporting, analysis, test development, data mining, auto generated RTL, auto generated register maps, etc.



  • Perform verification reviews


Desired Skills

  • MS or BS in Electrical Engineering, or equivalent
  • 5-7+ years of digital verification experience
  • Strong verification skills (e.g. logic simulation, testbench development, performance verification, coverage analysis, power analysis, DMS, SystemVerilog RNM, mixed signal, UVM)
  • Strong System-On-Chip verification experience
  • Knowledge of assertion based verification
  • Knowledge of microcontrollers, ideally ARM Cortex-M based
  • Knowledge of software/firmware languages (C)
  • Knowledge of RTL design (Verilog, SystemVerilog) and Low-power design (CPF, UPF) plus associated tools and methodologies a plus
  • Knowledge of scripting/languages (e.g. Java, python, perl, TcL) a plus


Personal Profile

  • Enthusiastic, creative and innovative
  • Excellent analytical and system troubleshooting skills
  • Good written and oral communication skills
  • Team player


Arjan Bink
Senior Design Engineering Manager
Telefonnummer: 934 72 739
Øivind Ekelund
Senior Design Engineering Manager
Telefonnummer: 928 85 064

Hvem er Silicon Laboratories Norway ?

We hire the most innovative talent in the world to solve the toughest problems of the industry, providing our customers with significant advantages in performance, energy savings, connectivity and design simplicity. The software and mixed signal engineering teams create solutions for customers in diverse markets including the Internet of Things, (IoT), internet infrastructure, TV tuners, as well as automotive and consumer radios. Our solutions are in products from the market leaders in home automation, electric vehicles, green technology, smart TVs and home voice control automation. We take pride in our products and in our people, and that is one of the many reasons Silicon Labs continue to be awarded Most Respected Public Semiconductor Company by the Global Semiconductor Alliance.