Research Scientist

The R&D department in Elkem Carbon is looking for a result-oriented professional with good team player abilities, who enjoys solving scientific challenges combined with practical customer driven development.

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The R&D department consists of a team of 9 persons. In our effort towards a more sustainable future, the department carries out development projects within product development, raw materials, technical customer support and research. 

Areas of responsibility:

  • Partake in initiation, planning, and organizing of development projects
  • Project management and execution in cooperation with customers internally and externally in Norway and abroad
  • Dissemination and implementation of project results
  • Projects within product development, raw materials, technical customer support and research
  • Technical customer support where advanced resources are required
  • Support continuous improvement based on development activities

Qualifications required for the position:

  • PhD degree within material science, metallurgy, inorganic chemistry, or related field
  • Advanced understanding of Metallurgical Carbon applications with respect to raw materials, products and processes is preferred
  • Experience from product development and project management
  • Good abilities regarding statistical tools and modeling
  • Strong communication skills and customer orientation
  • Ability to provide precise and efficient deliveries
  • Fluent in English

The position reports to the R&D-director of Elkem Carbon.


Christina Roe Steen

Hvem er Elkem AS?

Elkem er et av verdens ledende selskaper innen miljøansvarlig produksjon av metaller og materialer. De viktigste produktene er silisium, silikon, ferrosilisium, støpelegeringer, karbonmaterialer og microsilica. Elkem har fire forretningsområder og består av tilsammen 6200 ansatte.