Open application for technologists


Mimiro is looking for technologists to develop digital solutions for tomorrow’s agriculture.

You don’t need long experience, but in the very least a strong interest in your field and motivation to work together with an engaged team to create solid solutions using modern technology.

We are searching for new colleagues and are picturing to strengthen our team with about 20 technologists in different roles. Among these; front-end, back-end and full-stack developers, integration developers, architects, data engineers, data scientists, operations engineers and – manager, in addition to concept developers.

Who are we

Our vision is – using data to create agriculture for tomorrow.

Mimiro is a new Norwegian, independent tech-company in agriculture, started as a joint venture by TINE and Felleskjøpet Agri. We are working to make agriculture smarter and increase Norwegian farmer's competitiveness. Our mandate is to think in new ways on our old history to develop solutions for agriculture for tomorrow. We are developing digital solutions that make the farmer's data relevant, in new ways. We are thinking in new ways in everything we do, and in 2019 we won the Innovation prize for agriculture.

Our technology

To realize this, we have defined a technological direction where we are building our solutions after modern development principles, that are agile and user-oriented. We have a strong focus on safety, automatization, infrastructure-as-code and have a goal of being 100% serverless. We are programming in several languages and frameworks, rigged as autonomous teams and are using services from AWS to minimize maintenance, reduce cost and free up time for innovation. We dare to promise you new challenges and exciting technology.

Some of the technology we use today are React, Kotlin, Kafka, GraphQL, Lambda, and Typescript. Mimiro is concerned with continuous improvement and is focusing on working with flow and minimizing dependencies to other teams. We are aiming for speed and having short feedback loops towards the user, focusing on delivering value for the user. We have a cross-functional product team, working to place the user in the center and create an excellent user experience on both web and mobile.

Why food production?

If you want to take part in a journey that is bigger than yourself, in addition to making a difference, Mimiro might be the right choice for you. 

It is both exciting and challenging to work in agriculture today. We need more sustainable and effective food production. Towards 2050, working with the same areas available, we will have to produce 70% more food than we do today. In addition, there are climate challenges that we are facing. How can new technology help us in these challenges?

We know that the farmer, our customer, both have trust and eagerness in taking the digitalization of agriculture one step further. Might new technology help us taking even more right decisions for the farmer in his daily operations to optimize his production and making it more sustainable? We don’t have all the answers but have a clear ambition to solve several of the challenges and are hoping to solve them together with you.

It’s more important than ever to be ahead in creating the best customer experiences and ensuring that it’s easy to use new technology. We are embracing these opportunities and want new colleagues to be motivated by these challenges and help us pave the way forward.

The farmer is expecting us to be available, delivering on new features and to make the right decision in development. We therefore have well-established routines and processes that ensure stability, while also enabling MVP launches with the farmer closely involved to make rapid adjustments.

You can read more on our website:

If this sounds like something you would like to know more about, please send us an open application through the button above.

We offer 

  • Working in a community with strong competencies in both agriculture and technology.
  • Great opportunity for personal development
  • A culture concerned with delivery, sharing, learning and daring.
  • A higher purpose and contributing to creating an effective and sustainable food production
  • Competitive salary and terms


Maren Wroldsen Vestøl
Mobil: 909 38 073
Stine Elvira Syversen
CHRO i Mimiro
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