Join in on the testing of next-gen electric motors

Mechanical/Mechatronics Engineer


Job description

Founded in 2016, ALVA has grown to almost thirty people with reliable funding and an ingenious and patented production technology with proven superiority over conventional alternatives. FiberPrinting™ enables the production of low-weight, high-efficiency electric motors and generators for a wide range of applications, reflecting our true purpose. We do not just enhance electric motors and generators. We enhance electric cars, ships and airplanes, UAVs, medical equipment, robots, satellites and so much more. We enhance the world.

We are currently engaged in several international long-term projects and are now commercializing our products in the rapidly growing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) market. We are therefore expanding our team to include several new positions, including a Mechanical/Mechatronics Engineer. 

The position

You will be a part of the Test Team in ALVA, which is responsible for test-facilities, equipment, -procedures, and -operations for all of ALVA's products, including motors and systems for UAVs, electric boats and trucks.    

The type of tests will have a large spread, from testing of performance, functionality, and reliability to electromagnetic, electrical, mechanical, and chemical tests. You support different departments within ALVA by both performing testing but also creating and building the necessary equipment and procedures to perform reliable and accurate tests to verify quality, performance or similar.

Examples of projects and responsibilities include:

  • Build robot-drone to simulate the actual forces of motors with propellers on a UAV, for lifetime validation
  • Build environmental jigs to simulate rain, salt, and temperature differences
  • Build water tanks to test motors used for underwater drones
  • Write script for automatic testing and data-gathering

You will further develop test procedure standards that will be used during the development of new products to assure that we maintain a high product quality even when we expand our operations and develop a diversity of products in parallel.

As an expert on how our products function, you will also become a part of the customer facing support team, helping the customers to use our products correctly and support if any problems arise.


  • Design, development, setup, commissioning, procurement, and maintenance of test-facility and -equipment
  • Development of test procedure standards
  • Perform a variety of test with the purpose of Verification & Validation
  • Technical customer support


Experience and Education:

  • M.Sc. or B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering and/or equivalent experience or evidence of exceptional ability. Master’s preferred.
  • At least 2 years of relevant work experience related to Verification & Validation. 5 years is preferred.
  • Selection, calibration, and usage of measuring equipment
  • Programming for test purposes (in Python preferably)
  • Planning and execution of test-schemes 
  • Post-analysis of test results

Theoretical knowledge - You have a strong understanding of mechanical properties
Analytical - You have strong analytical and problem-solving abilities
Coding experience - You have experience in writing code for testing purposes
Motivated to improve - Ability to frequently evaluate your own performance, welcome criticism, and reflect on your own reactions and thoughts
Handle complexity - You are able to solve complex problems and progress several projects in parallel
High work capacity - You can step up when needed
Process-oriented - You are able to turn reoccurring work into effective processes that require low maintenance
Strong leadership skills - Able to motivate and lead both internal and external individuals

Work environment

You will be a part of the group of engineers that realize the advantages of Alva's ingenious production technology by developing high-performance products. This will allow Alva to expand the product range of competitive and high-performing products to successfully launch us into an industrialization and commercialization phase and enable us to continuously improve our products to keep us competitive. You are expected to possess or develop on your own initiative, the necessary skills and capabilities to succeed within your responsibility.

You will become a member of a highly dedicated and committed startup that values teamwork, continuous personal development, a fast technical development pace, open and precise communication, and a professional work environment with room for recreational activities.

Aside from an intriguing opportunity and a welcoming work environment, we offer a competitive salary and stock options.

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status or disability status.


Anton Franzén
Telefonnummer: +47 969 43 427

Hvem er Alva?

ALVA was founded to meet the growing global energy demand with renewable technologies. We develop electric generators for the production of clean energy and electric motors to convert this energy to motion. Believing that technological advancements and prosperity can in fact be both green and sustainable, we envision a world run solely on renewable, electric energy.