Environmental Modeling Resarcher

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SINTEF Ocean is searching for

Environmental Modeling Resarcher

SINTEF Ocean is approaching researchers with a capacity to strengthen our department Environment and New Resources. Coinciding with the initiation of the NTNU/SINTEF Ocean Space Center, SINTEF Ocean has received an infrastructure grant from the Norwegian Research Council for the Trondheim Fjord Ocean Laboratories. It is now our highest priority to strengthen our pillars of competence within the field of marine environmental modeling. 

Your work will involve multiple marine environment models with varying feasibilities and use cases within aquaculture and environmental technology, data analysis, digital research support and research communication and dissemination. 

The SINTEF Ocean department of Environment and New Resources, are engaged in numerical models for transport, degradation and fate of marine industrial releases and pollution, oceanographic models and ecosystems. SINTEF Oscar and SINTEF Dream are essential scientific and commercial models with worldwide reckoning and use that the department is responsible for maintaining and developing. SINMOD is an oceanographic and ecosystem model mainly being used for different aspects of marine transport within aquaculture and other marine industries. 

Our task is to develop modeling tools of high academic quality and presenting them to our customers and contractors. We are seeking a researcher with a PhD or equivalent qualification within numerical physics, applied mathematics, cybernetics, hydrodynamics and environmental modelling or similar. Experience with computer programing, implementing machine learning and numerical methods is preferred. Your task will include numerical modeling, machine learning and data analysis and you will contribute to develop new exciting projects within these disciplines. 

We work in multidisciplinary teams within the department and in collaboration with other SINTEF groups and NTNU. 

We are seeking a candidate with a higher degree of education (PhD) with: 

  • high academic skills, engaged and inquisitive personality 
  • well intractability and functionality in multidisciplinary teams 
  • high degree of getting things done 
  • communication skills in Norwegian towards colleagues and customers orally and in written language 
  • excellent communication skills in English orally and in in written language 

We offer: 

  • excellent educational and career possibilities 
  • exciting and challenging work task in multidisciplinary teams 
  • skilled and friendly colleagues 
  • a developing and inspiring academic environment, in leading and groundbreaking research 
  • competitive compensation and flexible working hours 
  • excellent insurance policies and pension funds  

At SINTEF we effort in developing technology for a better society 


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