Do you want to join DNB Min Bank in building the next generation mobile bank?



Do you want to join DNB Min Bank in building the next generation mobile bank?

We're looking for developers in all parts of the stack, from front-end (iOS/Android) to back-end (AWS/Go) to CI/CD and more.

You will be a part of a highly autonomous team leading the digital innovation in Norways largest financial group. This requires you to take responsibility and ownership for the product youre building, work towards continuously improving the required skills for both you and your team, and always have the customer experience in mind. 

A day as a developer?

As a developer you will be a part of a trust-based team of approximately 8-10 people. Each team is responsible for a certain part of the product, from concept to design to implementation in all parts of the stack. This means that each team has a broad set of skills, ranging from business analysis to programming, allowing them to make informed decisions about whatever is needed.

Your responsibility will be on the technical part of the product, making sure we deliver a great customer experience while still maintaining the rock solid security and quality required for a bank solutuion.

What knowledge and skills are we looking for?

  • You have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
  • You are eager to learn and grow both as a developer and person
  • You have experience with developing software solutions using modern tools and languages, e.g. Git, Objective-C/Swift for iOS, Java/Kotlin for Android, RoR, C#, Java, Go, Python etc.
  • You enjoy working in diverse teams
  • You have the ability to adapt to changing requirements and to be comfortable with balancing shipping early and iterating with the need for stability and robustness in core banking services

Currently we use Swift for iOS, Kotlin for Android, Go on AWS Lambda for backend, and Jenkins for our CI pipeline. You are not required to have experience with these technologies (and they might change in the future), as long as you have experience with software development in general and are willing to learn.

What do we offer?

  • Competitive terms
  • Strong technological environment
  • Great career opportunities in a large, multinational group
  • Good pension conditions, employee terms on DNBs products, insurance schemes, resorts in Norway and abroad, sports, cultural and other activities plus a range of discount schemes
  • Any questions about DNB or the position? Dont hesitate to contact us, and well get back to you as fast as possible.


A job in Norway's largest financial group offers professional challenges in an exciting work environment with many opportunities.

We are looking for skilled and motivated employees to meet customer needs and to achieve our goals. With so many varied disciplines and exciting opportunities in the future, we are looking for employees with different backgrounds and expertise. Are you engaged in focusing on the customer, and in addition fit our values: curious, brave and responsible, you might be exactly the person need. 

In DNB, we carry out background checks to verify that the information provided in your CV and other documentation is actually correct. Background checks are generally performed by an external independent third party. Former employers are typically contacted to check previous positions and periods of employment, while educational institutions are asked to confirm marks. 

No background check will be conducted without your prior consent, and you will receive more detailed information about this, if applicable. 

For positions that require an authorisation and/or approval of suitability, a police certificate of good conduct will be required.


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Telefonnummer: +47 952 44 591