Data Driven Specialist

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In truth your objective is our objective, we are a data-driven family. We hope you will find the same enthusiasm boiling as we do, when it comes to modernization of data management and legacy systems with deep roots in the business. Helping these systems get more room to breathe by removing unnecessary processing within and enabling a better collective storage of data driven opportunities for analytics and delivery.

More information about Hurtigruten's Digital ambitions see here:
The first year you will


  • Become one, with a data-driven squad working as an enabler of data delivery and analytics.
  • Learn about the processes and history of how we had to scrutinise the current processes, patchworks and routines.
  • Join the squad on a journey to Lift and Shift.
  • Find yourself knee deep in Automation and process optimization.
  • Set sail to form the products of the squad based on CI/CD principles.


  • We would like to open the door for creative minds with a large set of crayons, to thrive in this work environment you should be confident in your own toolbox when we talk about data management, -analytics or integration of systems and services.
  • You like to see things move from a manual or complex way, to standardization and decoupling of building blocks, taking the leap towards a scalable and dynamic future.
  • We as you, should know what it's all about when we talk about complexities of hard coded values and unscheduled work, with dependencies to a patchwork of components.
  • Ideally you:
  • .are Cloud Born, or have a strong wish you were, standing on top of the foundation of Agile taking deep breaths of binary.
  • Love to Challenge the A4 but feel an urge to colour inside the lines.
  • Live for the excitement of Exploration, Innovation and Improvement.
  • Been to school, and have a bachelor's degree in Computer related Science, or simply the skills to pay the bills by equivalent work experience.
  • Value the learning process of trying and failing and breaking components built to further enhance the creativity processes.
  • Believe that testing and validation is something you actually should do to secure the delivery.
  • Are open minded, with a four-dimensional view - There is always someone smarter than us.


  • College / University, Bachelor's degree


  • English

We offer

  • Full or part time (%): 100%
  • Exciting job opportunities in a dynamic, growing company
  • Competitive compensation and benefits
  • Inspirational and friendly work environment
  • Modern work facilities in Oslo city centre
  • Staff rates on all our ships for you, your family and close friends

Hvem er Hurtigruten?

Hurtigruten is a 125-year-old start-up. In business since 1893, we are now the world leader in expedition cruising and the world’s most sustainable cruise operator. 

Hurtigruten offers unique adventure travel experiences in more than 250 pristine and adventurous destinations from pole to pole.

We are now seeking tech-pioneering digital explorers to break new boundaries within the digital world. Our goal is to create a ground-breaking online guest experience. We aim to impress our guests from their very first click and keep impressing them throughout their expedition cruises in the Arctic, Antarctic and non-polar waters.

As part of the next stage of our global growth, we are looking for digital talents and strategists who will strengthen our brand within an agile and international team dedicated to delivering state of the art digital solutions.