AI & Machine Learning, DSP Algorithms

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We are looking for AI & Machine Learning engineers to support our team for gesture detection based on machine learning. Hardware accelerated ML chips and always-on DSP enabled microphones are hitting the market simultaneously, and Elliptic Labs has positioned itself ideally to take advantage of these two trends. Elliptic Labs is working directly as a premium partner with Qualcomm on its Snapdragon Neural Processing Engine (SNPE).

The ideal person has a background in machine learning, having previously delivered real-time ML products to the market. Outstanding candidates with strong interests in ML, but no previous experience will be evaluated as well.

Job Responsibilities

  • Work with our Machine Learning team to develop world-class gesture classification products
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in existing data sets, and give directions for future data collection
  • Architect, implement and optimise our ML products
  • Understand the requirements from our customers and work with our product management and iterate on the best possible user experience
  • Potentially travel up to 10% of the working time (or more if agreed otherwise)

Desired Skills & Experience

  • MSc in Computer Science or equivalent experience
  • Real-world experience with supervised learning and time-series classification.
  • Deep understanding of multiple ML algorithms, how they work and the trade-offs involved
  • Experience with ML frameworks, e.g. Caffe or Tensorflow.
  • Experience with voice recognition is a plus
  • Excellent coding skills
  • Enjoy working in a fast paced, high-output and time sensitive environment
  • Thrive in creating solutions for high-volume, low-power, cost-sensitive consumer electronics products

Hvem er Ellipticlabs?

Elliptic Labs is a pre-IPO company with a mission to deliver innovative 3D interaction and sensing products for mobile and IoT devices, powered by ultrasound. Elliptic Labs’ technology outperforms alternate solutions and can be integrated in many future products. Our disruptive software solutions can run on existing hardware. We have formed partnerships with the most important players in the mobile and IoT industries. Our ultrasound-based Virtual Proximity Sensor has enabled Xiaomi to build the Mi Mix flagship smartphones, using a design which has set a new standard for bezel-less phones after its launch in September 2016.